Simon Todd

Simon is our teams Camera Operator; but his whole life is lived through the lens. After graduating from Deakin in 2011 he began as a Camera Operator for Network 10. His passion has seen him work outside the studio as much as in, taking on multiple short films and independent creative projects. After 3 years as a freelance cinematographer, he now brings this extensive experience to the Moth Team.

Drawing inspiration from Kubrick, Nolan and Malick he delivers a great edge to all filmic endeavors. He also once ate two 500g steaks when out to dinner; and we are all pretty proud of this achievement.

Simon is our literal Swiss army knife, an editor, animator and will even begrudgingly work on some Rotoscoping. With his technical abilities and a fundamental understanding of all things film he brings to all his work an attention to detail that is second to none.